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Heading Pro

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Heading Pro is a specially designed football for heading training & education engineered by Deploy. The Heading Pro is a training tool that helps aid in teaching players how to head the ball correctly. 


Benefits & takeaways from our testing:

  • Players have shown to be less afraid to head the ball
  • Keeping their eyes open
  • Concentrating more on technique
  • Helps reduce the risk of potential injury once they arrive into their teenage years where heading is still in play.
  • Education is key – While Heading is still required in the teenage youth and adult part of the game, education is key.


The heading pro ball is 40% lighter than a traditional ball that has a soft and responsive cushion. The heading pro football is data backed that the ball can help reduce head acceleration by almost 50% in youth players compared to an IFAB regulated ball.   

"Our research has shown that the Heading-Pro ball can reduce head acceleration by almost 50% in youth players when compared to a IFAB regulated match ball.”

Dr Kerry Peek | Senior Lecturer
- PhD (Behavioural Science), M Clin Sci, PG Cert (Sports Physiotherapy), BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
- Accredited Coach of Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
Our Heading Pro football is designed for heading training only and is not for use in general game play.
Even though the Heading Pro football is specifically designed for heading, and is lighter and softer than a standard football, heading the ball excessively is not recommended.
Heading training should be completed in a controlled environment using common sense in conjunction with the correct techniques to ensure player safety at all times.





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