Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Deploy Football - Headstrong Headgear
Headstrong Headgear
Headstrong Headgear

Headstrong Headgear

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Headstrong is a protective head guard made specifically for footballers. It offers best-in-class impact protection while the thin forehead panel allows for unimpeded heading.


Studies show that football is actually among the sports where head injuries are most common. Headstrong is a protective head guard made for footballers. It offers protection to the back and the side of the head where injuries are most likely – but the thin front panel allows for unimpeded heading. Headstrong is tight fitting, comfortable and stays in place - allowing for better header training and game performance.


With Headstrong we focused on making a head guard that was comfortable to wear for the whole match. Headstrong is a protective headband that is designed to be light, flexible and seamless to use. Thanks to the inner silicone padding the headband stays in place whether you’re dry or wet, and whether you have long, short or no hair. We also know how important the heading is to the game, and that is why we have developed our headband with a thin front panel that does not impede the player's heading performance.


The Headstrong protective headband offers best-in-class impact reduction thanks to our patented IMPALT technology. The Headstrong head guard is padded at the sides and back with our IMPALT silicone gel core encapsulated by a layer of memory foam. These are the most sensitive head areas – and data shows that around 80% of serious head injuries in football are caused by impact to those areas.


Headstrong’s crucial function is the effective head protection it offers. The head guard is padded with cores of IMPALT (Impact Absorbing Liquid Technology), an innovative, patented silicone gel that absorbs and diverts the energy of impact at the sides and back of the head, significantly reducing the risk of head injury after knocks to your head’s most exposed and sensitive areas.The IMPALT core absorbs contact – and even hard impact.


Headstrong is already being used in training and in games by multiple professional players in the Danish top league. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and they all praise the headguard for its comfort and lightweight design.  'I have used a number of different headbands and helmets over time. After having both trained and played games with it, Headstrong has become my favourite. It is comfortable, stays in place and is the only headband that is made for heading' - Rasmus Minor Petersen, Centre-back in the Danish Superliga.



The Headstrong Headguard is designed as a headband, and therefore comes in multiple sizes ranging from XS to XXL. It can be worn by kids and adults. We recommend a tight fit, as the headband will loosen a bit and adjust to your head with use. For more information about picking the right size, see our size guide above.


Headstrong is washable, easy to keep clean, and with simple care will guard your head for match after match and training session after training session. The protective IMPALT silicone gel is encased in watertight reservoirs within the headguard, so you can safely wash the headband by hand following these instructions:

• Washable by hand at 40°C – Do not wash a warmer temperatures.

• Do not tumble dry – this will damage the IMPALT silicone gel.



The Headstrong Head Guard is designed to reduce the risk and potential injuries of cuts and impacts to the head when worn during a game or practice. The Head Guard cannot and does not in any way eliminate all risks of head injuries when worn. When participating in sports you always put yourself at risk of injury, and as such you must accept that sports implies the risk of injury.

No protective helmet, headgear or headband can eliminate the risk of all head, neck or face injuries. A user may sustain head injuries (concussion or other brain related injuries) notwithstanding their use of a Headstrong Head Guard, and there are areas of the face and head that are not protected by the head guard. Furthermore, it is important that the head guard is sized and fitted properly in order to ensure optimal impact reducing effect. Lastly the head guard must be replaced if it over time starts to fall off during match or practice, due to being loosen.

Note that: Headstrong is constructed to implode by very hard impact. This allows the liquid in the core of the headband to disburse faster – and is believed to increase the impact reduction further. A product that has imploded/is leaking do to a hard impact is not considered a faulty product. An imploded product must be replaced by a new one in order to provide the intended impact reduction.