Here at Deploy, we aren't your run of the mill teamwear supplier. We are a proud Australian brand who has developed market leading teamwear, apparel, merchandise and supporter wear solutions aimed at providing your club the highest quality garments but also save your volunteers countless hours per year thanks to our automation and ordering platforms. The below are our key solutions.



Did you know, one of the biggest reasons female participants don't come back to sport is due to the uniforms they are provided? For too long, females athletes have been given "hand me down" jerseys designed for blokes. How unflattering!

Deploy has meticulously developed female specific cuts for all on field products as well as a range of off field products. as well as incorporating size sets to cater for all participants both big or small.

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Deploy has developed the industries most comprehensive design, ordering, manufacture and delivery platform that automates the entire teamwear process. Saving time, resources and providing the best possible solution for your needs. Our platform has revolutionised they way in which consumers can now access sublimated garments in which they have never done so before.

Our system allows:

  • Unlimited Designs
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • Easy Group or Individual Ordering
  • Individual Garment Customisations
  • Technology Controlled QC
  • Automated Manufacture (material wastage)
  • Plus Much More!



Gone are the days of having to buy large quantities of supporter apparel or merchandise in bulk, storing them in your clubhouse and having to sell the products each week at your club canteen.

Deploys online store is tailored for your club and allows your members and supporters to purchase their gear and have it shipped direct to their house. There are no minimum quantities for and we print all items on demand. This means you have have an unlimited range of styles, colours and designs available to suit everyone in your club.

Your online store with Deploy allows you to have a complete ranger of products that is completely risk free as well as raise much needed funds for your club.



All Deploy garments are made using sublimation printing technology. This is the artform of printing any (yes, any) design you'd like onto a special paper, then heat transferring that print direct to your garment. The benefits of sublimation is it gives you the ability to design your garments as you please. Add multiple logos, names and numbers and the best part... it doesn't cost you any extra!

Deploys advanced colour matching research gives you the confidence knowing that your garments will be printed to the exact PMS colour specifications you require. This is key when you are making purchases year on year and must ensure each of your garments match.

Our strict quality control policies at every step of the manufacture process ensure that your garments are not defective, stitched correctly and are exactly as you'd expect. Should a garment fail a step in the quality control process, it does not move onto the next step of manufacture.

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Deploy has no minimum quantities per order. This means you have the ability to purchase one (1) custom sublimated garment at a time. This is key for your clubs online store. For the first time, your club can have access to hundreds of products that your members and supporters can personalise and purchase.

This allows you to have multiple styles and ranges on your online store, rather than holding stock on just one design in various sizes. The versatility allows your clubs supporter wear and merchandise ability to match that of your favourite professional clubs.



Thanks to our automated manufacture platform and air freight options, we are able to provide industry leading turnaround times for custom sublimated teamwear. On average, most orders are manufactured and delivered within 21 days.

The automated nature means that as soon as you or your members place an order, the garment goes directly into print, rather than having to wait for any manual labour to prepare the artwork and garment.

Further, Deploy does not manufacture any of our garments in China meaning you avoid the Chinese New Year period that causes havoc for clubs wishing to acquire their gear in the lead up to your season.

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Are you after on demand and easy personalisation of your garments? Think names on the back of strips, initials on the front of training gear. Our revolutionary platform allows you to type in your preferred personalisation and order them with the click of a button.

Our automated platform and no minimum ordering quantities mean you can personalise each garment individually and sent to immediate print.

If you are after bulk personalisation's, our "ROSTER" system allows you to bulk upload entire squads names, numbers and garment sizes within minutes.



A timed Group Order gives you the ability for you to organise a bulk order, BUT have your participants pay and order their own products. This way, you and the participants can access bulk pricing discounts plus a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing & logistics process.

You as the administrator can set a timed cut off date. Your participants must order their items prior to this cut off time. When the times up, the order will go into production.

This saves your hassle of having to chase players for their payments etc.




Deploys manufacture platform is 100% automated and streamlined. This means, that as soon as your purchase has been made, it goes directly into production. This saves weeks work of manual work that would traditionally slow down the sublimation process.

Our automated manufacture process groups products to efficiently maximise fabric usage and avoid wastage.

The automation also ensures perfect quality control of the garments manufacture. By reducing the risk of human error, you can take comfort knowing that what you order, is what you are going to receive, exactly as you confirmed.



You now no longer have to handle your clubs merchandise, teamwear or supporter apparel. Once items are purchased from your online store, the item will be delivered direct to the customers house, again saving you countless volunteer hours. Your members can select either standard or express shipping for their desired turnaround times.



Traditionally, your club has had to purchase in bulk a range of garments, pay for them up front and held them in stock to sell each week in your canteen.

You no longer have to do this. All items on your online store are printed on demand, meaning the item will ONLY be manufactured once your customer has paid for it. This means you have the ability to have a complete and extensive range of products that's completely financially risk free.



By including an online store to your clubs merchandise range, you now have the ability to generate passive revenue for your club. Deploy offers a generous rebate for all items sold on your clubs store. All you have to do is promote and market your store in which Deploy will assist with creative and collateral.