When purchasing footballs for your children, its important to get the perfect balls that suits their needs. A ball that's the wrong size or wrong weight could be detrimental to the growth and development. Further, the use of the ball should also be taken into consideration. 

What Size Ball?

In Australia, the following age groups play with these balls:

Outdoor Football

Under 6's, Under 7's, Under 8's & Under 9's = Size 3 Footballs

Under 10's, Under 11's, Under 12's & Under 13's = Size 4 Footballs

Under 14's+ = Size 5 Footballs

Whilst players 4 and under don't play in formal organised programs, for these children we recommend our size 2 tech ball. 


Under 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's,11's & 12's = Size 3 FUTSAL

Under 13's + = Size 4 FUTSAL

What Ball Quality?

There are plenty of footballs on the market ranging from very cheap "service station" balls, through to elite World Cup match balls. When determining what ball quality you should buy, you need to first determine the balls use, then determine the quality of the football construction and materials used. 

General Home/Backyard use:

Most kids who kick the ball around the backyard generally use the balls at a high volume and with high wear and tear, especially if the balls are kicked against the fence, walls & trees (hopefully not the window!). Because of the high wear and tear, its suggested not to break the bank and purchase an elite level match ball. Rather, you should look to purchase a reasonably priced high quality polyurethane training football. 

The Deploy T-SPEC & Deploy INTENT  balls are perfect for home use. 

Junior Training:

The ages 8 through 14 are crucial in the development of footballers. Its also just as important to use the correct equipment. At all times, avoid using cheaper low quality PVC balls, this will cause more hard than good. You should only train with high quality Polyurethane footballs that meet the size and weight requirements if FIFA. The balls in your kit should be consistent, durable and mimic game play footballs.  

The Deploy T-SPEC & Deploy IINTENT balls are perfect for Junior Training.

Junior Match Play:

Like junior training, having the correct football for match play is also crucial for optimum performance. Playing with footballs designed for training use is not recommended. 

When selecting a junior match ball, you should be looking for a high quality Polyurethane ball that is either hand stitched or thermo bonded. This will give the ball a "true" flight and allow players to play at their highest potential. The balls should also meet FIFAs requirements in terms of their size and weight.

The Deploy IGNITE and Deploy INTENT balls are perfect for Junior Match Play.

Senior Training:

For senior players to get the best out of their sessions, they should avoid using both low quality footballs, or footballs designed for junior development. Seniors should be aiming to train with a high quality Polyurethane football that is either hand stitched or thermo bonded. 

The Deploy IGNITE and Deploy INTENT balls are perfect for Senior Training. 

Senior Match Play:

Serious Footballers need serious Footballs. Playing with a balloon or balls that moves in the air is no good for anyone. Senior Footballers should always play with a high quality Thermo Bonded or Hand Stitched Polyurethane football. You want a ball that's true when kicked at high velocity, isn't too bouncy and isn't too cushioned.  

The Deploy ENVISION and Deploy IGNITE balls are perfect for Senior Match play.