Perfect Ball Pressure is So Important. Watch as Zac teaches Us How To Pump Footballs Correctly.

Ensuring your ball is pumped to the correct PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) is crucial when pumping your footballs. 

Not only will a correctly pumped ball bounce, touch and play correctly, it will also go towards improving the balls overall longevity.

Each ball has different construction, materials and recommended PSI.


Each ball has different construction, materials and recommended PSI.  

Here is our quick guide on ensuring you pump your ball correctly:

Step 1:

Ensure you have a high quality ball pump, ideally one with a pressure gauge included. You will also need to ensure you have a ball pump needle.

Step 2:

If your ball is completely deflated, shape the ball so that the valve is facing upright, allowing you to enter the pump needle without piercing the balls bladder. 

Step 3: 

Moisten the needle

Step 4:

Inflate the ball to roughly 60%

Step 5:

Allow the ball a short period of time to breathe and gain some shape before pumping to the specified PSI. Carefully remove the needle.


How often to I need to re inflate the balls? 

Deploy Footballs all feature our Air Lock + Technology that significantly increased air retention.

However, dependant on how the balls are stored and cared for will depend on how often you need to pump. We recommend ensuring you store your balls in cooler environments where possible and avoid keeping in the boot of a hot car!

Training balls should last multiple weeks before needing a top up. Match Balls should be PSI tested prior to each match.


What PSI should i pump my ball to?

Deploy T-Spec = 8 PSI

Deploy Intent = 10-10.5 PSI

Deploy Engage = 10-10.5 PSI

Deploy Ignite = 10-10.5 PSI

Deploy Stealth = 10-10.5 PSI

Deploy Envision = 10.5 PSI


Further details to Deploy Footballs care guide can be FOUND HERE.