Castle Hill Rockets FC

Rockets Castle Hill RSL Football Club are in for season 2022!
The Rockets had its humble beginnings during 1966. On the 24th July that year, the founder Mr Dimitar Mikulasev (better known as “Dimi”) formalised the club called “Hills Independent Sports Club”. Dimi held the office of Club Secretary from 1966 through to 1972, Sports Manager for many years and Club President from 1989 through 1990.
One of the club’s key philosophies has been to provide sporting opportunities to the young children of the Hills district and this was evident in the Rockets’ early years where for no fee, the club provided places to children from Marella Mission, St Michaels Boys Home and the Charlton Boys Home.
The club affiliated itself with the Castle Hill RSL and subsequently changed its name to the “Castle Hill RSL (Rockets) Soccer Club Inc.”, now celebrating over 36 years in the provision of fun sporting activity through competition and non-competition soccer for all ages, male and female.
We are pumped to have Castle Hill Rockets FC with us again in 2022!