Deploy Football is the fast growing, Australian owned and developed football brand.

Developed and brought to life in the South-East of Sydney with the sole intention of producing a football range that provides players and coaches with the right tools to help increase their efficiency in growth, development and progression.

Put simply, our product is designed to help you develop your skills and technique quicker and more effectively while positively impacting your overall individual or team's performance.

With over 20,000 footballs now in the market both here in Australia and in the UK with excellent feedback being given all round, our commitment is to help develop and be part of Australia's ever growing presence on football's world stage.

How are we doing this with the Range?

While generally it comes down to the quality and value for money each ball in the Deploy range provides. We believe it's our philosophy in the development process that's making the difference.

Our philosophy with the Deploy range is to be consistent and inline with player development.

We are closing the gap between each level/model of football in the range, with the idea that you should train how you play.

From the T-Spec training ball to the Intent Elite Training/Match Ball through to the DS-Pro Professional match ball, there is a connection between particular characteristics such as weight, size, balance and feel that allows for what we call a ‘progressive range’.

Players/coaches start from grass roots at the T-Spec and work there way up to the DS-Pro as they get better, honing their skills and technique.

At Deploy, we love football, we are passionate and most of all we are excited about what the future holds for football in this country and abroad.


As a result of years of design & development, hard work and passion, Deploy football breathes new life into the game itself.

Our mission, starting out, was to improve the standard of tools being used at the grass roots level of football in general.

This started with the ‘round ball’!

We found that there was little in the way of quality at the training & mid level match end of the market. Not much out there that really helped the way players developed and progressed efficiently and effectively from the grass roots up.

It was our belief that players and coaches alike should be using the right tools to develop and progress more effectively, and this started with the No. 1 tool used in football—the Football.

Using the latest technology in materials, production processes, construction and ‘in the field’ testing, Deploy Football brings an impressive range of High quality footballs to help prepare you for battle.

As the world game continues to grow around the world and enter the homes and backyards of more and more families every day, the level of player development and quality continues to grow and amaze as well. Preparation becomes the key to performance.

We at Deploy Football believe to perform at your best, you need the right tools to go with it.

Prepare for Battle with Deploy.

We hope you love what we can bring to your game.

To your game,

Andrew Head
Founder and Managing Director
Deploy Sports Group Pty Ltd